Saturday, 20 January 2018

Your choice: You may be Formal Or Casual 🕺

I would like to share some of the dressing tips for men that i know, lets start from top. we have many options available (1)Shirt you can go for either casual or formal if it is casual mostly we wont tuck it. So a common mistake we all do while untuck our shirt. it should be somewhere in between the below shown region If you are going for a formal shirt it should be long so that it wont get untuck at our entire day of work. (2)T-shirts if you have muscular fit body then you can go for v neck or round neck (commonly used) and always go for plain t-shirts not printed one if you are lean then go for Polo T-shirts, which give you a better look than in half sleeve t-shirts. (3) Matching shoe and belt Everyone will be using shoe and belt. So the common mistake we all make is buying a unmatching shoe and belt. They should always match to give a perfect look in you (4) socks(No show socks) Why wearing shoes showing your socks? Use no show socks so that your socks won't be visible oustside. No show socks are not preferred for formal dressing. You can go for no show socks while using boat shoes or half chino pants.