Saturday, 6 January 2018

The Smart Lifestyle : Now Never Loose Or Forgot Your Wallet !

Hey!! I was recently going through some of the life hacks and thought this recent invention can help a lot of us. Life is indeed very busy today, especially when you are maintaining a lifestyle in the metropolis and working hard to earn surplus to enrich and enjoy your own comforts. The two most prized possession are the wallet and the cell phone when we are away from our home.

Haveve you ever misplaced or lost your phone or your wallet? If you belong to one of such being then don’t worry henceforth. There isn’t a single thing that technology can’t fix. Cuir Ally, a luxury leather goods brand has launched their flagship product, Voyager Smart Wallet. It is slightly bigger in size than the typical traditional wallet and is equipped with an integrated smart chip technology. The smart wallet can be connected to the smartphone through BT. Once it’s done, both are in constant look out for each other. It can be synced up to a distance of 30 feet. Your phone will receive an alert the moment you forget your wallet,also you can position your wallet simply by ringing it.

Chipolo is an app available in the iOS and Android play stores that helps users to track their wallet through GPS if they have misplaced it somewhere. If you lose both of your prized possessions, then don’t panic. Log in to your Chipolo account and track your phone and wallet. The wallet can also be used for ringing your phone and taking a  selfie.
Stay Safe & Say Chill !!