Friday, 5 January 2018

How do your shoes define you as a person? Do they say something about your personality, life choices, profession or the value you place on shoes or possessions in general?

As a self-confessed shoe addict, I can definitely agree that the shoes you pick have a lot to say about the type of person you are!

Specifically, I think the types of shoes you pick say a lot about what you value in life. Have classic dress shoez that you always wear to work? It shows that you put care in your appearance and like giving off a professional vibe. Are you drawn to more colorful, statement styles? It shows you’re not afraid to break the mold and try unique and different things. Got a simple pair of sneakers that you wear almost every day? You’re pretty easy-going and like to stick with what you know.

I like to think that one of my favorite brands, , has a lot to say about me. It says I appreciate the little details and like looking stylish and on-trend, but still value comfort and quality when making purchase decisions.

Content Source : quora.com