Friday, 22 December 2017

Budget friendly fashion

Depends on how much amount is pocket friendly to you . If you are looking to buy formal shoes at a price around 1000 INR I would recommend you to go for only BATA. If you could afford 2500 INR I strongly recommend you to go with woodland. The only drawback for woodland though is the limited number of models in formal shoes. If you are looking for casual shoes and budget is less than 1500 INR I recommend you to go with brands like lotto/fila. If you could afford around 3000 INR for casuals I strongly recommend you to go for woodland. The best thing in woodland is lifelong warranty for footwear as long as the leather on footwear is intact. Each pair of footwear in woodland will last at least 2 years depending on usage. Note that Woodland offers better deals in Nov end or december month start every year. NOTE: I do not officially represent above brands and recommendations are purely based on my personal experience.

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